a limited edition deck of playing cards in mint condition.

the deck of cards, a collaborative deck commissioned by the jpl gallery of london, published by andrew jones art, 1979

according to the royal academy of arts:

“ in 1976 the jpl gallery in london asked fifty four british artists to create their version of a playing card. each artist was given the task to create a specific card from the pack; plus an artist to create the reverse pattern for the entire deck and an artwork for the pack itself. when collector andrew jones saw the show he purchased the entire collection and approached artists with the request to create an actual pack of cards from their artworks. the cards were then then sold in a range of outlets including gallery shops such as the ra. some of the best known british artists from the 20th century were involved with this project including many ras ”

david hockney created the king of hearts

john hoyland created the 3 of hearts

sandra blow created the 8 of spades

terry frost created the 9 of spades

patrick heron created the 6 of clubs

to name but a few

the box design was by tim whitmore. kenneth martin designed the reverse pattern for the entire deck, anthony green and anthony donaldson designed the jokers

the deck was printed by carta mundi.

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